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  The Ultimate Email Sales & Follow Up Sequence [Template]

Know/Like /Trust/Challenge/Convert Email Follow Up Outline [Whitepaper]

Written & Developed By: Sean Vosler founder Increase Academy

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Guide: Why You Need to Change The Way You Sell

Principle One - Getting people to Know, Like & Trust You is the foundation of a sale.

You’ve probably heard this sales terminology before, and it’s an extremely important step in making a sale. There’s simply no better way to get someone to know, like and trust you than to teach them something that helps them to get a desired result. Email is perfect for this! They get to see you, hear you, and get to experience the results you share.

Some way’s to get them to…

Know You: It’s clear that people don’t just buy based on the facts and figures. There is a lot of emotion involved in a purchase, especially as the price gets higher. Your story is actually important to WHY you’re selling what you’re selling - if you or your product can connect on a personal level with the customer, you win.

Like You: Don’t be afraid to show a little humor. We’re naturally drawn to the right kind of humor, and it never hurts to keep things entertaining while you’re teaching. Also, sharing personal stories that you can wrap into the teaching, is a perfect way to find a common ground with your audience.

Trust You: Don’t be afraid to share your successes. If you’d rather have others share them for you, video testimonials are a fantastic way to do this.

Note: challenge and convert are the last two steps… more on that later.

If you accomplish this by the end of the first set of email follow up, or each individual email for that matter, you’re halfway to the sale. The second half is the most important, and often not given enough attention in the sales process.

Action Item: When you put together a marketing piece, ask yourself, “Am I providing any information that would draw my customer closer to my brand or myself?”

Principle Two - Challenge And Convert.

Harvard Business Review did a study of top sales reps, and they found out something interesting. You might think the best of the best are those who have a close personal relationship with the customer. Logically it makes sense that the better the relationship we have with the customer, the more likely we are to make a sale. While this is true to a certain point, they found that the best of the best are those who CHALLENGE their prospects perspective on the problem, and offered an alternative problem and solution to the REAL problem.


For example, let’s say you want to hire someone to build a website for your business. You have a pretty good idea of what you want on your website, a home page with a mission statement, an about page, a contact page - you know, all the traditional pages you see on business websites. You talk to a few vendors who tell you some price points, and their impeccable record with customers.

Ok great, they’re on the list of possible hires. Then someone comes in and says; “You don’t need a website, you need an online lead generation funnel!”. They go on to teach you what a lead generation funnel is, how it works, and how it can add X amount of leads per month to your business, increasing potential revenues $Y amount per month. You see, you thought you needed a traditional website, and the “solution” providers catered to what you thought you needed, where as the “challenger” actually taught you what you really needed and sold you the results.

We need to be the last vendor, challenging leads on what they THINK they need, and selling them the right solution to the right problem. This mindset change is called a “eureka moment,” and almost always results in a closed deal.

Action Item: When you put together a marketing piece, ask yourself, am I challenging my customer to think differently about their problem?

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Principle Three - Sell Insights, Not Solutions - “The Benefit of The Benefit”

This builds on the challenge and convert principle. As noted above, customers are generally wrong with what they think they need. Our job as a “solutions provider” is to convince them that our product or service is actually what they need. Once we’ve challenged them on what they think, and provided a eureka moment, it’s time to close the deal with the ‘benefit of the benefit’.

Going back to the “lead generation funnel” sales vendor example above, he first provided an alternative path to the results the business actually needs. They don’t need a home, about, or contact website - they need a website that generates real leads. Then he explained the benefits, more leads and revenue for the business. We can take this one step further with ‘the benefit of the benefit’.

Infomercials do this almost comically: “Tired of being rejected at the bar because of your bad hairline!? It’s time you got the attention you deserved by buying XYZ hair growing product!”. The benefit of the benefit here, is stopping rejection at the bar. They’re not selling a hair product, they’re selling a confidence product. Answer this question: What are you really selling? Sell that, not your solution.

We don’t have to be so over the top - but back to our example - all the vendor has to do now, is plant the idea of what extra leads could do for a business and the owner. You don’t have to say, “Imagine having more leads so that you could have more money and more time to spend with your family.” The customer’s imagination will do that for you, all by saying a few magic words - “Imagine what more leads could mean for you and your business.”

“Teach to Transform to Transact.”

Our email series is riddled with these subtle imagination triggers, whether it’s through testimonials sharing their results and the results of those results, or directly asking people to imagine the results, we draw our audience into an emotional state that’s going to help close the deal. People don’t buy because of facts and figures, they buy because of emotion.

How to apply these principles in your business.

You may not go and build a seven figure, four video launch sequence for your product or service, but you can take these principles and apply them into your sales presentations, your pitches, and your online marketing. If you add these principles into your sales pages, emails, and videos you will see an increase in conversions.

Armed with this knowledge, go look at what sales tools you currently have in your business. Chances are most of them are missing elements of the above principles.

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Know Email
Who are they getting to know?

Why should they get to know you?

What about you will help them to accomplish their goals?

When did you get started in your industry?

What events lead up to you getting started in your industry?

Add cliffhanger... [open loop]

Like Email
What people or organizations do you associate yourself with?

What principles and values do you like to be associated with?

Where did you grow up and how did it affect your current views on business?

Add cliffhanger... [open loop]

Trust Email
What are some personal details they would find interesting about you?

Who do you associate yourself with in the industry?

How have you helped others to be successful?

How has your income generated through your own methods helped you live a more fulfilling life?

Add cliffhanger [open loop]...

Challenge Email
What are some industry assumptions that you’ve proved wrong with your business / product / service?

What has driven your success that is contrary to popular belief?

What is the #1 problem facing your customers business?

How did you find the answer to that problem?

What unrecognized needs do your customers have?

What is the REAL problem your customer has that they don’t know about?

How are you going to guide them to the solution?

Add cliffhanger... [open loop]

Convert Email
What is the solution to the problem?

How did it make you feel when you found the solution to the problem?

What measurable effects will your customers experience when they follow your method?

Number one reason they should take action now.

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Know / Like / Trust / Challenge / Convert Outline

Know Email Outline
------ KNOW EMAIL -------

Subject: Welcome


Thanks for signing up to get the 7x conversion boot camp!
Don’t worry, we’re not going to be making you do any push ups...

Over the next couple of emails we’re going to dive deep into how
you can massively boost your businesses traffic, leads, and sales
through the wildly popular marketing tools available online...

BEFORE we dive into the tools and amazing techniques that will
change the way you look at generating results online, it’d be a good
idea for us to get to know each other a bit better!

My name’s Sean Vosler, and I’m a lot like you - for one, I consider myself
‘just a normal guy’ who just happens to be really good at generating
traffic, leads, and sales for my businesses... mostly online, and for the
most part automating the process so I can focus on the things I love
in my life... Mainly my lovely family, my wife, and good friends
- (and crazy cats - but that’s a whole other story...)

It’s important to me that you understand the importance of
knowing what to focus on FIRST when marketing online, I’ve
seen first hand why it seems like 90% of online marketing
efforts fall flat on their face... and it’s ALL about focus.

(don't make fun of my awesome hat ;)

Click Here to learn all about the importances of Focus... [5 min video]

Trust me, you’ll be happy you set aside a few minutes to spend
with me on this video. Some might consider this approach somewhat
simplified, but it’s the number one factor that’s helped me build several
7 figure businesses over the years.

Check Out The Video Here

Thanks again,
Sean Vosler

PS. now that you know a little about me, why don’t you tell
me a little bit about yourself on our Facebook wall? Click Here
and tell me all about your business and your life!

Pss. tomorrow I’m going to shoot over a quick note about
‘the small business problem’, something that if most businesses
knew about when they started they’d be much closer to a 6 or
even 7 figure business....

------ END KNOW EMAIL -------

Like Email

------ LIKE EMAIL -------

Subject: the small business problem


In my last email we got to know each other a bit
better, and we talked about the #1 thing you need
to focus on FIRST in any business venture. But
there’s a problem... we’ll really it’s a problem with
small businesses in general today.

Whether you run your own business, or work for someone
in their business there is one universal truth when it comes
to a businesses success.. it all comes down to SALES.

If your business isn’t making sales, you’re not going to
see next year. And even if it is, if you’re killing yourself
trying to get the sale - you’re going to get burnt out FAST
leading to the same result... a failed business.

Personally I’m a big believer in once you understand a
problem, it’s your responsibility to take the steps
to fix it... to find the solution!

So what’s the “traffic, leads, and sales” solution?

Hate to leave you with a cliffhanger but the solution
is a WHOLE email in itself... keep an eye on your inbox
for tomorrow's email!

Thanks again,
Sean Vosler

Ps. have you had a chance to check out our community
of entrepreneurs and small business owners?
We’ve also added a ton of great training (we’re talking $5k worth)
just for our members... You should check it out here... now :)
(btw we also have exclusive pricing you’re only going to find in
these emails!)

------ END LIKE EMAIL -------

Trust Email

------ START TRUST EMAIL -------

Subject: Sleeping on the tennis court


Life throws some interesting curve balls in our path
doesn’t it? Doesn’t seem that long ago that I found myself
literally sleeping on a tennis court because I didn’t
have the means to live anywhere else at the time,
Thank goodness that wasn’t a long term arrangement...

I’m now blessed with a 7 figure business that provides
me with the ability to help individuals grow their business
to the size they need it to be.

You see, it’s not about how much you or your business
is generating, it’s about generating the ammount you
need to accomplish your goals. One of the first steps
anyone needs to make to generate more income is to

realize money is a TOOL, nothing else.

Once you realize this you’re heading in the right
direction of building a solid foundation for your business.

The reason I’m telling you this in this email is that
I’d like your thoughts on what makes a business succeed.

On the bottom of this site we have a section where you can
share your thoughts with me, and others, on what you believe
really makes a business successful - Click Here to share
your thoughts.

Tomorrow I’m going to share Sarah’s story with you...
Chances are, you’re probably in the same boat as she is.

Untill then,

Carl White

------ END TRUST EMAIL -------

Challenge Email


Subject: Sarah’s Story

Hello again, Carl here - if you’re having a stressful day
maybe this story will help...

Let me tell you a little story about a woman named “Sarah”,
Sarah was really good at making websites - so good
infact she decided instead of working for a company
building them she would strike out on her own! She’d
quit the 9 to 5 and fast track her way to building her
own website building empire; or just simply not have
a crazy boss anymore.

One problem, though she had orders coming in, she
constantly had to worry about every other side of her
business that she really didn’t consider when she started...

She became the accountant, the customer support manager,
the sales and marketing director, and oh yea, the web designer!

Before too long she realized that she had exchanged the
9am to 5pm job for the 5am to 9pm job... Not a fun place to be!

With all these other responsibilities she started to see sales
decline - she just didn’t have the time to focus on lead generation
for her business... She simply didn’t have the tools in place
to generate traffic and leads for her business.

Chances are you’ve experienced this too some measure. I know early on
this was a big issues I faced in my business. Ultimately it lead me
to making huge changes in the way I run my business.

I started to look at people in similar businesses as mine, and living
the lifestyle that I wanted to live. I started diving into the training
they offered, and worked diligently to change the way I look at
and run my business.

SO here’s your challenge - take a look at your business from
40,000 feet. If you were on the outside looking in - what would
YOU change right now to make your business?

Would it be one of the following?
  • boosting traffic to your website to generate more leads?
  • optimizing your lead funnels to generate more sales?
  • simply finding the right sources for leads?
  • sifting through the countless methods of generating leads & focusing
  • on the right ones for your business?

The traditional mindset on for business is to simply
POWER THROUGH the problems. Where what
you really need to do is systematize your business.

This is what 100% of successful businesses do.

Keep an eye on your inbox for tomorrows email where
we’re going to show you how “Sarah” solved her ‘big
small business problem’... trust me you’re going to love
the end of this story :)

Till tomorrow,
Carl White

Ps. in the meantime we have a special on demand webinar
on business automation you should watch! Sign Up Here

Pss. did you sign up for that webinar yet? ;)

Convert Email

Subject: Let’s Talk Solution

Hey FIRSTNAME, Carl here...

Yesterday I told you about our ‘just about
every small business owner’ friend Sarah...

She’s smart, talented, and worked to death...
Long story short, she doesn’t have any
systems in place to generate new sales, or manage
current ones.

She needs a solution - and I’m not going to lie, there’s
no such thing as a SIMPLE solution in this case, but
there is a smarter solution.

The smarter solution is to learn from others who have
already solved the problem.

The smarter solution is to use tools to reach your
customers that they want you to use!

The smarter solution is to learn from the experts.

Like Lewis Howes - who has used Linkedin to generate
literally 100s of leads per month for his business...

… or Amy Porterfield who uses Facebook to generate
100s of new sales every month for her and her clients.

… or Sean Vosler who has built dozens of membership
sites for businesses to help them generate residual income.

… or James Wedmore who uses YouTube to generate
mega leads daily... we’re talking 100s of opt ins!

These folks and many more (myself included) have
created the “smarter solution” training system
we call The Social Marketing Animals program.

This membership will provide you with EVERYTHING
a business needs to generate massive traffic, leads,
and sales for your business and your products...

Even if you don’t have a business YET, or are just
wanting to generate some extra money online selling
affiliate products - we’re going to give you the tools
and training you need to succeed.

Let’s get you started with a ‘water bottle investment’ of
$1 - we’re taking all the risk here...

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See you in our members area,
Carl White

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