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Topics Covered in This Training

  • High Converting
  • Time Saving
  • Quick and Easy Set Up
  • Use for Existing Webinars
  • Use for Other People‚Äôs Webinars
  • Get Affiliates to Promote your Webinars
  • AUTOMATED - Freeing Up Your Time for Other Projects
  • Always available at a time that suits your customer

Hey! Sean here, thanks again for picking up EverTraining. I've also included a starter funnel that you can copy and paste into your ClickFunnels account if you have one!

I've also included an optional Active Campaign (get the details on that system here) "Automation" that you can just copy/paste into your own business as well!

So first off - let's add the pages in my click funnels funnel to your account.

Step One: Log Into Click Funnels

Step Two: Click This Link to Add To Your Account: Click Here (opens in click funnels)

Be sure to log into active campaign before you click the links below...

Optional: Step Three - Copy my Active Campaign Funnels

Pre registration automation

Post registration automation

If you don't have ActiveCampaign, please open this google document which has all the emails and guidance on how to write them - you can make a copy of it for yourself in the file menu and modify to your hearts content!

Again - you'll need to swap in your own content and be sure to modify the links - but you'll be able to use these as a base set up automation and page setup to make your marketing work just like mine!

Thanks again!