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  1. Introduction: The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts...


The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts - it gives you what you demand with your actions.

Welcome to "The #1 Skill" - Insight Course!

Before You Swan Dive In Let's Have a Chat:

I want to introduce myself and share with you how you can use the training in these walls to help improve an already successful business, OR set up a foundation for a brand new venture.

Below you'll find some details on who I am, and the crazy people I work with.

To the left you'll find the sections of this free course - an overview of "The #1 Skill"

The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts - it gives you what you demand with your actions. ― Steve Maraboli

Sean Vosler (course author) here, hope you've been kickin brass and making gains. If you're not 100% sure who I am, that's understandable, I created this course for folks like yourself who are interested in Entrepreneurship but aren't quite sure where to start... There's a chance we've been connected through Tai Lopez, Sam Ovens, Anthony Morrison or Adrian Morrison or Mentorbox... All awesome folks who I'm happy to say are clients of mine ~ and who I've contributed content to over the last few years. I'm a writer for Increase Academy and publisher of 'The 7 Figure Marketing Guide'... basically, my job is to help mildly successful entrepreneurs become wildly successful entrepreneurs.

But enough about me... Let's talk about juice.

More specifically the juicy motivational titillation that seems to have turned everyone on social media into a 'positive vibes' addict. I can't be the only one who's getting a bit exhausted by the sepia-toned self-lovin' selfie + "motivational quote" posted by mr. and mrs. McPositive...


but what are they actually accomplishing...........

"Judge people not by the filters on their motivational quotes, but by the quality of their character." - Probably a quote that's gonna get me in trouble.

Ok, I'm as guilty as anyone, and there's nothing wrong with a catchy one-liner that puts things into perspective.

But again... what are they really accomplishing in their lives?

Well, chances are, besides the random free spirits you're following from high-school or college, you probably are following a few "influencers" or business leaders who post this stuff. Many of whom are actually accomplishing amazing things! But the average person, god love um, often posts this stuff to make themselves feel better about the poor decisions, and negative mindsets they make and experience.

I'm not trying crap on everyone in this post for posting motivational stuff, I'm just wondering if you'd rather...

Talk the talk about doing great things.


Walk the walk and see real RESULTS from your hard work?

In short... Are you willing to do what needs to be done, to get what you want?

I can sense your head nodding up and down with a bit of a soft, determined, nostril exhale (at least that's how I generally respond to questions like that).


What does it really take to hit the goalpost? (wait, do you hit the goal post, or get past the goal post? I just realized they call it a "goalpost"... that's almost too good of an analogy... Ctrl-Z....)

Here's a boring answer that no amount of instagram filters is gonna be able to make look bootylicious...

“The ability to write ads and letters that sell is by far the most wonderful money-making skill you could ever acquire. If you master this skill, you should never again have to worry about money.”

- Gary Halbert

Top Copywriter & All Around Crazy Successful Businessman (before it was cool)

You hear that kids? "The ability to write..." is... BY FAR (he says) - the most wonderful $ making skill...

Then why isn't your English teacher rollin up to school in a Rolls Royce and posting pictures of his/her new 'left piece goin viral'?

WELL... As you may have guessed... it's "ads and (sales/email) letters" where the magic happens. (Or I suppose pinning the next Harry Potter or 50 Shades of LAME might count, but I'm more of a fan of predictability - not tapping into the national zeitgeist).


I warned you, it's not sxy... but it is predictable, and it does work.


Personally, it's what made the difference in my business between 6 figures a year and six figures per month... Yup. At the end of the day, the words that are commin' outta my mouth (to borrow from Eddie Murphy's more philosophical work) are what bring home the bacon.

IF you can get someone to take action, more specifically, take out their wallet and type in that whatever digit number on their CC into your website you. win.

// Disclaimer: Your not winning just bc you made the sale... if you sell stupid / crap products that don't deliver on your promise you're just a good liar and not a great writer. Don't be THAT guy or girl.//

How do I do it, you ask? How did I generate about 40 mil plus in sales for myself and clients over the last few years? (the humble brag is real)

It came down to mastering, somewhat accidentally, that skill of COPYWRITING.

FULL DISCLOSURE... I'm not a copywriter! By mygoodnessssss does it seem to be the skill that 90% of the top business owners and entrepreneurs have a strong grasp of. I've been able to outsource almost everything else in my business EXCEPT quality copy writing. I'd love to honestly, but another reality: IT'S STUPID EXPENSIVE to hire the best of the best copywriters.

So ya... I had to learn it myself! And that's what I did... Beyond just reading a bunch of books on the subject, I spent TONS of time dissecting copy that I thought was awesome.

Like a 9th grade science class breakin down a frogs endocrine system (no idea what that is); I took the time to answer the question "WHAT MAKES THIS COPY REALLY CONVERT"

dissecting copy is something I think everyone should get into!

- more specifically, how can I use this in my own client work and on my projects to improve sales!

Over years of doing this, I decided to start cataloging my findings... After all, I was writing upwards of 3 marketing emails a day, several webinars per month, and follow up funnels with dozens of emails and social media posts...

Yup, lots of writing.

Oh, did I mention I'm not actually a copywriter?

That's the really cool part. I'm actually a freakin' funnel builder by trade (I don't tell my clients that shhh)...

At the end of the day, my "job" really boils down to this...

Connect people emotionally, logically, and authentically with the deeper message behind the product or service I'm selling.

So what's the next step? What do I do with all these 'copy methods' I've put together over the last few years?

We'll share them with the world like any good person who wants to sell out would do!

Wait.. what was that last part? Something something selling out?

I'm not gonna lie and try and convince you I'm looking to create a new age of beautiful, happy, "true to themselves" entrepreneurs... I tried that whole "know your why" thing, and I get it - but I find real transparency (*even if it's not as cushy*) is a lot more powerful.

I'M GONNA SELL THIS STUFF... eventually.

That's right, I'm gonna package it together in a nice little bow and fire it off to the world.

But here's the kicker...

The REAL secret to successfully selling anything...


DUH you might say, but how many info products or books or software have a super juicy sales page, yet when you get it you're like: COMON DUDE IT'S TERRIBLE!.. Lot's of stuff I bet. This leads to refunds, unhappy customers, and worst of all - lost trust.

So what do you do to fix that? Make stuff, sell stuff, that's actually good. I know that; you know that, and it's honestly why I've invested so much time into putting this... well, guide... together.


You know what else generates trust besides a great product?


Giving a delightful taste before you buy. That's why the grocery store has those "brand ambassadors" chucking Guac flavored Tintoretto's chips at you from every which way... (speaking of which brb need chips & guac...)

So here's your taste tester, your teaser pleaser, your .. well.. preview.. of my new in-depth guide "The 7 Figure Marketing Copy Guide", it's the first of 10+ different copywriting methods I'm breaking down in detail...

It's called "The Imitation Game" (love that movie) and you can use it in your own marketing to craft SUPER attractive marketing copy...


Sean Vosler - Increase Academy

"Helping Mildly Successful Entrepreneurs Become Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs"

If you'd prefer to have the guide in PDF form you'll find the download below...

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