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Let's dive in with a brief overview of the course content and how it's structured. You may be familiar with how training courses are broken down, but even if you're an "info course veteran" I recommend you take a minute to watch this video. I've worked with some of the top course designers out there to ensure its structured in a way that fosters success for those who follow it.
A big problem with most training courses out there, college classes included, is that they are just a collection of a bunch of random information on a topic, instead of a concise "start to finish" system. Success isn't just about taking in a bunch of facts and figures, it's understanding how they work together in a system.
All businesses, including the models we're going to break down in this course, are simply systems. They have a step by step process that allows anyone willing to follow them to find success. Now that isn't to say you can't innovate or improve upon the system, in-fact you will need to constantly look for ways to better your business, BUT you can't innovate till you've built a solid foundation on the fundamentals.
This course is broken down into 6 action oriented sections. Each is designed to take about a week to execute, for some it may be longer - and others may be able to run through everything much quicker. It's not about how long it takes, it's about taking as much time as you need to internalize the content. Learning really isn't always about "how much" information we take in, it's about being effective with what we have.
The core content in the first 4 sections will be breaking down the essential skills you'll need to reach your goals. Along with information on a very important subject that I've found often makes or breaks a person. It may seem simple, and maybe some of you who have an exceptional handle on this subject can pass over it, but for me - it was the real game changer. That topic? "Breaking through the glass ceiling mindset". In short, we'll explore how we limit ourselves through the internal walls we've built over the years; and how to break them down.

I'm not a huge fan of the modern "self help" world, much of it isn't built on science and is designed to make you feel good... Often times it is actually counter productive, and can serve to build a cycle of failure. The mindset training in this course isn't about self help, it's about understanding how the mind works, and understanding that it's nature, by default, is to work against you. Here's a fun little secret, it'll never fully stop working against you - you'll always have fears and doubts; but those fears and doubts are actually GOOD THINGS. They are signs you're heading in the right direction.

Of course this isn't just a mindset course... I'm also going to be giving you everything you need to be up and running with THREE different business models. These three models are based on your preferences and build on your past experiences. There really isn't a one size fits all business out there, so these models are built in a way that you'll be able to take elements from each and build your own.

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